What We Need

We need $5000 to hire a digital marketing consultant or agency to help design and implement targeted digital marketing campaigns across social media platforms, search engines, and relevant websites to increase Earcoustic brand visibility. We’d also be very interested in developing partnerships with complementary businesses or organizations to leverage their existing customer base and expand our reach through joint marketing efforts.
In 2023, we invested a lot of effort into community engagement initiatives and events. We attended over 15 local wellness fairs and local vendor popup events, met with MD and DC Departments of Aging, and networked with 10 Senior communities with only an Earcoustic prototype, garnering almost 100 pre-orders. In November 2023, we won $8000 in a pitch competition which paid for the delivery of over 1000 units from our manufacturer in China. Since December 2023 we have sold over 200 units in person, but none through our online store. Because Earcoustic is a brand new innovation, it is not a sought after product, and our current social media, website and, advertising are not connecting with our target audience.

Earcoustic Start Up Fund

Simplicity Redefined: No Electrical Components

Gone are the days of complex setups and multiple components. The Earcoustic adjustable headset is engineered for simplicity. It operates without the need for any electrical components, making it hassle-free and easy to use. Embracing a minimalist approach, our headset offers exceptional sound without the need for additional devices or amplifiers.

Affordable Excellence: Quality Without Compromise

Exceptional quality need not come with an exorbitant price tag. EarCoustic stands out as an affordable choice, providing a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. Our goal is to make cutting-edge auditory enhancement accessible to all without compromising on excellence.

Sustainable Design: Recycled Plastics for Enhanced Sound

At Earcoustic, our innovation is not just about functionality; it's about sustainability. The adjustable headset is crafted using recycled plastics, contributing to a greener, more eco-conscious approach to technology. This not only enhances sound quality but also reflects our commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Full Amphitheater Effect: A Sonic Journey

The semi-circular design of Earcoustic is more than an aesthetic choice – it's a deliberate design for an exceptional auditory experience. This unique configuration ensures that the sound envelops you, creating a full amphitheater effect. Whether you're enjoying music, watching a movie, or engaged in a conversation, Earcoustic delivers an immersive sound experience like no other.

Innovation in Simplicity: Earcoustic's Adjustable Headset

At Earcoustic, we redefine the listening experience through a groundbreaking adjustable headset that requires no electrical components, transmitters, receivers, or amplifiers for functionality. Our commitment to simplicity is reflected in a semi-circular design that not only enhances sound but provides a full amphitheater effect, all at an affordable cost.

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Experience the simplicity, sustainability, and sonic excellence of Earcoustic – where innovation meets affordability.